S. Howes

Drill Tailings Mixer

Whether you’re a an oil and gas waste management solutions company, a drilling operator, an energy company, a landfill operator or a drilling service provider the S. Howes continuous mixer (or Pug Mill) has been used in numerous applications to process drill tailings. Our equipment has been used in a number of different solids control application across the globe – weather onshore or offshore.

The mixer can be used to solidify drill tailings for disposal to the landfill. Lime or other additives can be used to solidify and neutralize the drill tailings. Each application can be unique so the S. Howes mixer has been designed in such a way to customize retention times and mix times. The adjustable paddles and angle of the mixer can be modified to process the current environment’s tailings whether it be air, water or oil drilling techniques. The S. Howes mixer has been used to accommodate strict rules set by state environmental protection agencies such as the PADEP or other federal authorities such as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Southern states have begun adopting similar regulations as an alternative to the open-pit disposal approach for drill tailings and operators have elected the S. Howes Continuous Mixer as the preferred equipment for drill tailings processing.