S. Howes

About S. Howes

About S. Howes

For over 160 years, S. Howes has designed and manufactured industrial processing equipment for mixing, conveying, screening, size reduction, and filtration. Our robust, proven equipment solutions have supported industries such as biofuels, chemicals and plastics, food and pet food processing, forest products, minerals processing, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical processing, oil and gas, and waste and recycling.

S. Howes has used modern manufacturing techniques to build its engineer-to-order product lines with a focus on quality and workmanship for generations. Our products are built to last, period. Some of the S. Howes equipment still in use today is over 75 years old!

Proven Leaders in Processing Machinery

Over the decades, S. Howes has been led by numerous owners who have excelled at bringing that same dedication to quality and service. This leadership continues with the acquisition of S. Howes into the Carrier Process Equipment Group, an international leader in the world process equipment industries. With the worldwide experience of Carrier Process Equipment Group, S. Howes continues to build on its knowledge of mechanical engineering and manufacturing best practices.

S.Howes Office

S. Howes High Standard of Quality

Today, S. Howes offers superior, quality-built mixers and blenders, screw conveyors, separators, size reducers, grain cleaners, and pressure leaf filters for a wide variety of processing industries. Our customers hold us to a high standard of quality and range from family-owned businesses, multinationals, Fortune 500 companies, and engineering companies to equipment contractors. To date, we’ve built over 175,000 machines, and more than 80% of our clientele are repeat customers.

Historically, we had our own fire department at the turn of the previous century, and in 1901 our company picnic welcomed over 300 employees and family members to attend. As we continue our journey as the best manufacturer of processing equipment since the 1800s, we are proud to be part of the Carrier Process Equipment Group.