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Our customers have full access to the CPEG Innovation Center and testing laboratory to solve unique processing issues and verify that custom-engineered equipment meets final product requirements. The Innovation Center provides powder and bulk solids testing utilizing the industry’s most comprehensive line of equipment. The state-of-the-art facility provides an innovative pilot-scale testing experience that simulates real-world process line environments.

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Material Testing For Practical Application

Regardless of your industry, application, or materials, our materials testing lab accommodates unique processing requirements and will help us determine the exact parameters you need to get the job done. Expert process engineers and knowledgeable lab technicians guide you and your team through every step of testing. During the design process, S. Howes typically requires material to be shipped to the lab for testing.

Shipping Test Material

At least three cubic ft. or a 55-gallon drum of representative material is needed for testing, but contact a CPEG sales representative to determine specific quantity and shipping requirements. Material should be shipped freight prepaid in a returnable shipping container.

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be affixed to the outside of the shipping container. No test material can be opened or handled without proper documentation of material composition and the associated safety precautions to be taken by our staff. If you do not have a formal MSDS, a blank form can be faxed for completion. Test material will be returned to you upon completion of tests.

Pilot Scale Testing At Your Facility

When testing in our own lab may not be practical, S. Howes provides rental equipment that can be shipped direct to your facility for on-site testing.

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