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Industrial Processing Pilot & Rental Equipment

At S. Howes, we’ve been designing and manufacturing industrial processing equipment for generations. Our mixing, conveying, screening, size reduction, and filtration equipment are built to last a lifetime. In fact, some of our oldest pieces of S. Howes equipment in use today are over 75 years old.

blender ES 100 rental

Rent Processing Equipment Short or Long Term

Over the years, S. Howes has built over 175,000 machines. With our design experience and extensive industry knowledge, you won’t find a better partner for your processing equipment needs. Whether you need to rent equipment for a single job, or you’re testing processing equipment before you buy, S. Howes commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rentals. We’ve got experienced technicians who can provide you with technical specifications for every rental or talk to us about optional equipment set up right at your facility.

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Browse our currently available models for industrial processing equipment rentals below. The available equipment changes regularly so please contact us for more information below. We’ll respond to your inquiry as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

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