Industrial Screw Conveyor Systems

Conveying systems are custom engineered by S. Howes to meet difficult process requirements. Our custom conveying systems offer a range of benefits across various industries. Whether it’s automating food processes such as unloading systems with sanitary screw conveyors and feeders with a quick cleanout design, incorporating thermal jackets into conveying systems to cool high-temperature chemicals or designing portable or inclinable split-tube conveyors that provide adaptability, S. Howes has you covered.

Our conveying equipment includes heavy-duty and sanitary screw auger designs, mechanical split tube conveyors, tubular conveyors, and U-trough conveyors with dewatering, heating, cooling, mixing, and drying options. Feeders can be customized with several shaft seals and various hopper designs.

Mechanical Screw Conveyors

Bolt-on or integral thermal processing fluid jackets provide simultaneous conveying, heating or cooling

Mechanically convey dry, free flowing or sluggish materials with our easy-to-clean and easily adjustable design

Built to handle most non-liquid powders and materials – significantly more robust than flexible tube conveyors

Direct drive design with sectional covers for conveying, dewatering, heating or cooling, mixing, or drying

Custom mechanical conveyors with options such as clean-in-place (CIP) design, special finishes and custom discharge outlets

Tubular feeders convey, distribute, and feed a continuous uniform flow of materials to downstream processes

When multistep processes require innovative solutions, our mechanical conveying experts work to understand your unique challenges and build a blueprint for success.

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Materials and process steps can be validated in our lab to facilitate the delivery of an efficient, reliable solution that streamlines processes and boosts productivity.