Bulk Materials Lab Testing with S. Howes and parent company, CPEG.

In the world of bulk solids processing, precision and reliability are paramount. Whether you work in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, or manufacturing, the efficiency and quality of your materials processing systems can make or break your operation.

How Can You Ensure That Your Systems Are Up To The Task?

The answer lies in CPEG’s state-of-the-art material testing lab. S. Howes, a Carrier Process Equipment Group (CPEG) division, uses this lab for extensive testing. The lab is known to help several industries customize their equipment for maximum efficiency.

Why Comprehensive Lab Testing Matters

Investing in bulk solids processing systems without rigorous testing can result in costly bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Systems designed without knowing their compatibility with the material characteristics of the processed material(s) can lead to delayed startups and limited design capacities.

Collaborating with material testing consultants not only helps prevent common processing issues but can also be helpful for: 

  • Validating new designs and processes against material properties and process parameters to ensure smooth operations
  • Preventing expensive downtimes caused by untested equipment and processes
  • Identifying improvements in capacity and energy efficiency to ensure timely ROIs

CPEG’s Lab Testing Capabilities

CPEG offers a wide range of process equipment backed by over 500 years of combined experience in design and manufacturing. CPEG also boasts hi-tech test equipment that allows for scaled simulations of field operations, making it ideal for multistep and multistage testing needs.

Cutting-Edge Lab

CPEG’s facility provides access to the most extensive testing capabilities in the industry. The lab has the most advanced diagnostic tools operated by trained technicians. The entire testing process is supervised by engineers, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

Material Testing For Specific Applications

S. Howes specializes in detailed analysis of material tailored to your unique processing application. Customization ensures that the exact parameters to complete the job are determined accurately. In cases where on-site testing is more practical, S. Howes ships equipment directly to your facility.

Diverse Testing Options And Environments

The lab offers natural gas-powered, high-temperature testing up to 1500⁰ F.  Low-temperature testing is also available with machines that can be heated up to 450⁰ F. Moreover, you can use the lab to conduct several tests, including:

  • Moisture Content Analysis
  • Loss of Drying (LOD) and Loss of Ignition (LOI)
  • Sizing, Volume, and Capacity Testing
  • Attrition, Screen, and Convey Testing, and many more.

Industries That Can Benefit from CPEG’s Lab

Several sectors can take advantage of CPEG’s materials testing lab. Here are a few examples: 

  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Construction

How Things Work at Our Lab

The CPEG lab replicates operations on a smaller scale and validates the process. The lab is accessible year-round, and you can book at relatively short notice. Upon arrival, a CPEG sales team personnel greets your company’s engineers and guides them to a conference room to discuss requirements and projected outcomes.

Then, the technicians track and analyze material properties and behavior using moisture analyzers, particle size analyzers, and digitized data collection. For a 1-day test, results are shared via email before the engineers get home. For a 2-day test, the first day’s results are provided to the engineers the next day, right before the second round of tests. A full test report can be generated following the conclusion of all testing.

With 15,000 sq. ft. of ample space, the lab features spotless working areas and conference rooms with modern amenities. Testing at CPEG is not only accurate but also comfortable and safe. 

Josh Green, the Lab Manager, proudly claims, “When you visit our lab, you will notice, first, how clean and inviting the space is; secondly, how much we care and attend to your product, goals, and general comfort level.”

Ready to Optimize Your Bulk Solids Handling?

Don’t leave your operation’s success to chance. Take the first step towards precision and reliability. Contact CPEG’s lab testing experts today to explore how comprehensive testing can enhance your processes, minimize risks, and accelerate your ROI.