S. Howes

Heating & Cooling for Screw Conveyors


S. Howes manufactures screw conveyors designed for thermal heating and cooling processes. Heat transfer is accomplished through contact with an external jacket (bolt-on or integral) and/or through the transfer auger itself. The material is heated or cooled while being transferred down the length of the conveyor. In the case of a hollow flight auger, the flights themselves aid in heat transfer. To accomplish this, a variety of heating or cooling media may be used.

Heating and cooling screw conveyors are used around the globe in industries such as biomass conversion, paper and pulp, biofuels, food and dairy, chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals processing, and many more. Contact S. Howes for specific industry case studies or to inquire about testing your product in our lab.

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  • Designs for high pressure applications meet the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • Thermal treatment is accomplished while the product material is conveyed for cost savings
  • Control of temperature during material transfer for maximum efficiency
  • Accurate control of thermal treatment time ensures precise requirements are met
  • Greater heat transfer surface area per unit of product than batch mixer systems
  • Bolt-on or integral external thermal heating and cooling jacket

Sample Applications

  • Drying
  • Polymerization
  • Heat curing
  • Cooling/freezing
  • Microbial kill
  • Sintering/calcining
  • Dewatering

Engineered To Order

Leverage the experience of the S. Howes team in the design and manufacture of heating and cooling equipment. The materials of your specific application are unique in their thermal heat transfer characteristics – particle size, density, viscosity, etc. Our process engineers will establish a heat transfer coefficient, among other factors, to assist in the specification of equipment for your application based on the specific material to be thermally processed. Typically, this requires material testing in our Testing Laboratory When testing in our lab may not be practical, equipment can be shipped to your facility for pilot scale on-site testing. A technician is available to assist your staff in operating any equipment.

Optional Thermal Conveyors Features

  • Single/Twin/Multi screw 
  • Heated/Cooled shaft 
  • Hollow flights 
  • Ribbon or cut flighting
  • Temperature in/out readout
  • Flowmeters
  • Variety of pressure gauges available
  • Customized control panels
  • Rotating Mechanical
  • Packing Gland
  • Custom
  • Single, dual or triple zone configurations
  • -5oF to 600oF temperature control
  • Designed for your needs
  • Heating jackets
  • Cooling jackets
  • Integral or bolt-on
  • ASME “U” and “R” stamp
  • Inlet and outlet custom designs
  • Built-to-order support stands
  • NDE and X-ray options
  • Various insulation options