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Versatile for almost all industries, our Mixall mixers and blenders are economically designed to process a wide range of products while providing uniform product blends. Its heavy-duty construction provides years of low-maintenance processing. Mixing is accomplished using either S. Howes’ original double ribbon or adjustable paddle agitator, and custom assemblies are available.

Over 16 standard models are available from 7 to 309 cu. ft. (3/4 full) and custom models are available to handle up to 1,500 cu. ft. of product. 

The S. Howes Mixall provides a low initial “per ton” cost and features a leakproof, dustproof design to completely discharge product.


Custom designs are job-engineered to meet your specific applications and process parameters. Our engineers will partner with you to find the best possible solution regardless of product, material characteristics, or process requirements.

See Mixer Accessories & Options brochure for further details.

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Standard Features & Benefits for Mixall Mixer

  • End plates are reinforced to provide stiffness and support. Blind-end plate is bolted to the tank, and the drive end is welded – both at a 90-degree angle – no radius.
  • Uniquely designed double ribbon type agitator assembly features ribbons welded to cross-arms. Paddle agitators feature paddles that can be either welded or bolted to crossarms.
  • A solid steel shaft with flange-type bearings may be used when the torque of the cylinder is under 24,000 inchpounds. A tubular shaft is used on applications between 24,000 and 560,000 inch-pounds of torque.
  • Drive-end bearings and journals will withstand high starting torque at the maximum recommended horsepower. Bearings are 2 1/2 times the calculated radial load. High-quality, self-aligning type bearings are furnished on all Mixalls.
  • Bearings are mounted to allow for alignment of cylinder and have lock screws to secure the bearing locations.
  • Support cradles under the tank are available to improve heavier load distribution.

General Specifications