Powermix Mixers

Powerful industrial mixing for a variety of industries and difficult-to-mix products.

Our Powermix mixer is designed for strenuous industrial usage across a wide variety of industries. Extra heavy gauge steel is used for the tank and end plates and powerful, heavy-duty drives are used to ensure years of reliable operations. High-powered mixing is accomplished using either S. Howes’ original double ribbon or an adjustable paddle agitator. Custom assemblies are also available.

Over 25 standard models are available from 4 to 375 cu. ft. (3/4 full). Custom models available for process mixing over 750+ cu. ft.

Let our engineers design a mixer for your most demanding industrial mixing needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Materials of construction are up to 50% heavier than those in traditional industrial mixers for abrasive and more dense applications.
  • End plates are reinforced to provide stiffness and support. Blind end plate is bolted to the tank and the drive end is welded – both at 90 degree angles – no radius. Structural channel is used for reinforcement of the tank walls.
  • Uniquely designed double ribbon type agitator assembly features ribbons welded to cross-arms. Paddle agitators feature paddles that can be either welded or bolted to cross-arms.
  • Tubular shafts with welded journals are a standard for all Powermix models. Shafting materials are made heavier to carry up to twice the horsepower of Mixall models.
  • Drive-end bearings and journals will withstand high starting torque at maximum recommended horsepower. Bearings are 2 1/2 times the calculated radial load. High quality, self-aligning type bearings are furnished on all Powermixers. Bearings are mounted to allow for alignment of the cylinder and have lock screws to secure the bearing locations.
  • Support cradles under the tank are available to provide improved distribution of heavier loads.

Heavy-Duty Materials of Construction

The Powermix gets its name from its robust and expertly designed materials of construction. From heavier materials, reinforced end plates and structural channels to tubular shafts featuring welded journals and optional tank support cradles, the S. Howes Powermix is built for years of reliable heavy-duty mixing and blending.

Sample Applications

  • Dense material
  • Cement
  • Mortar
  • Sand
  • Slurries
  • Chemicals
  • Pastes
  • Clay & Mud
  • Fertilizer
  • Minerals Processing

Options & Accessories

  • Batch and continuous operation
  • Double ribbon, paddle, plough-style and custom agitator designs
  • High-velocity intensifiers / choppers
  • Variety of access options for inlets, covers and inspection manways
  • Temperature sensors, level sensors, limit switches
  • Explosion-proof motor design
  • Chain or belt drive
  • Gates and discharge options


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Test Lab & Innovation Center

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Make sure your new process equipment delivers your desired final material requirements.

Lab Testing

Leverage the CPEG Innovation Center and expertise in process engineering to test material product prior to the design or purchase of bulk solids and material handling equipment.

Testing With Rental Units

When material testing in the Innovation Center is not feasible, S. Howes provides rental equipment that can be shipped directly to your site for reliable testing of powder and bulk solids materials.