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Pressure Leaf Filter

Pressure Leaf Filter


Where the filtration process produces a “wet cake”, the Howes Wet Cake Pressure Leaf Filter provides a multiple leaf configuration with an oscillating or hydro jet sluice filtrate discharge mechanism. Both horizontal and vertical tank configurations are available.


Where the filtration process produces a “dry cake” or where sluicing is not feasible, the Howes Dry Cake Pressure Leaf Filter provides a multiple leaf confutation with a large filtration area and solids holding tank. Both horizontal and vertical tank configurations are available.


The Pressure Nutsche provides pressurized or vacuum filtration for low throughput capacity and/or minimum floor space applications. Pressure and temperature can be controlled to accomplish thermal drying or reaction. A single leaf is used for the filter element.

Where liquids/solids separation is required, Howes Pressure Leaf Filters provide either a dry or wet cake discharge for applications requiring flow rates up to roughly 1800 GPM and solids material composition up to 1% (or about 10,000 PPM). These units are ideal for high polish applications where 1/10 micron solids separation is required.

In Howes Pressure Leaf Filters, a constant flow of material passes through a set of contained leaves that support filter media through a continuously increasing cake layer. The constant flow increases pressure drop across the cake throughout the cycle. Our filters typically uses Diatomaceous Earth filter aid as pre-coat and body feed to improve rate and clarity.

The units can be designed using automated or manual hydraulic shell retraction and are constructed of mild or stainless steel or other exotic alloys. Pressure Nutsches are designed with a single leaf and are typically used for easily filtered materials or for lab/pilot applications because of their minimal throughout capacity.

All equipment is custom designed for each application. Equipment is engineered and manufactured at the S. Howes plant in Silver Creek, NY. Let our application engineers help you specify the equipment configuration and leaf designs best suited to your unique processing requirements.

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Sample Applications

  • Fine Chemicals
  • Drinking and Waste Water
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chlor-Alkali Industry
  • Acids
  • Breweries and Wineries
  • Edible Oils
  • Salts and Sugar Processing
  • Fruit Juices
  • Biofuels
  • Molten Sulphur

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