S. Howes

Tubular Filter



The Howes Single Tube Filter is suitable for many industrial applications from straining to fine polish filtration. Single Tube Filters are available in sizes from 85 to 594 square inches for flow rates from under 1 to over 300 GPM. A wide selection of filter media is available to handle levels of separation from 3/16 inch to 1 micron.


Howes Dual Tube Filter System allows for continuous flow. In the Dual Tube Filter arrangement, two filter units are interconnected with 3-way plug valves or inline full ported 3-way ball valves. One unit operates (on stream) while the other unit is on standby (off stream) for cleaning or inspection. The Howes Dual Tube Filter System typically has the same flow capacity as the Single Tube Filter but can be increased with optional valve arrangements.


The Multiple Tube Filter Systems manifold multiple filters together for parallel operation and offer flow capacities up to 5,000 GPM. The System can provide continuous uninterrupted flow with automatic intermittent cleaning of the filter elements during backwashing. The systems are typically sized to maintain flow capacity while one unit is off stream for backwashing. Manifolding arrangements can be made to permit backwashing with either the process stream (internal) and/or another stream (external). A reuse system can help conserve the process liquid and control backwash losses.

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Filter Elements

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S. Howes Filtration offers four types of filter elements which allow for particle retention from 1 Micron (nominal) to 3/16 inch. Perforated stainless steel plate.

Filter Element Configurations:

Slotted wedgewire stainless steel screen
Woven wire stainless steel screen over perforated plate
Woven or non-woven cloth bag over perforated plate

Engineered For Your Application

S. Howes tubular, in-line pressure filters are used for the separation of suspended solids from a liquid stream. Best used for easily filtered granular solids less than 500 PPM and where the differential pressure across the filter is less than 20 psi at 1/8 inch cake thickness max.

Tubular filters are comprised of an outer housing and a removable reusable filter element. The filters provide the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of needs and applications.

S. Howes tubular filters are available in single, dual or multiple tube arrangements and can be custom designed to meet your space, piping or processing needs. Howes Filters are available in stainless steel and 4″ and 6″ diameter tubes. Howes tubular filter media are reusable in most applications and are designed to last.

Sample Applications

  • Pulp and Paper Mills (White and River Water, Spray Nozzle Protection)
  • Petrochemicals (Brine Caustic, Hydrochloric)
  • Food and Beverage (Fruit Juices, Vegetable Oils, Syrups)
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics (Acetic Acid, Bath Oil, Citric Acid, Glycerin)
  • Guard Filters (pre-filtration)
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Condensate