6U8-JS High Temperature Heating / Cooling Conveyor

  • Integral jacket for insulation, heating and cooling fluid
  • Covers on trough are gasketed (with temperature appropriate material)
  • Hinged jacket (with integral stop) and fastened into place with quick access clamps
    (inlet cover to be removable)
  • Journals thru-bored, equipped with single flow unions to allow cooling fluid flow through shaft
  • Split packing gland seals with temperature appropriate packing and set up with air purge
  • Designed for low pressure, 14.9 psig max. (non-ASME coded jacket)
  • 2 HP, TEFC, 1750 RPM, 3/60/230-460 motor
  • 120 VAC Limit switch mounted (not wired)
  • Split bushing supports along conveyor for mounting to supplied structure allows for thermal expansion
  • Foot mounted gear reducer for a nominal speed of 20 RPM
  • Portable base with instrumentation
  • Internal flow baffles

Construction Details

  • Auger features 1/2 Pitch, 1/4″ thick right hand flighting constructed of 304 stainless steel
  • 304 stainless steel in product contact areas
  • U-Trough style housing, 8′ 10″ long inside
  • Product contact surfaces to be 2B mill finish
  • Exterior stainless steel surfaces to be mill finish
  • Interior welds to be continuous and ground smooth and flush to 80 grit, no pits, cracks, or crevices allowed
  • Jacket welds are continuous and ground smooth
  • Exterior, non-jacket welds are intermittent, wire brushed and gaps sealed with Devcon
  • Trough form constructed of 1/4 plate 304 stainless steel
  • End plates constructed of 5/16″ thick 304 stainless steel
  • Trough to have formed for cover mating surfaces
  • Covers constructed of 10 gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Overlapping covers require discharge cover to be opened first
  • Saddle supports along conveyor for mounting to supplied structure
  • Chain and shaft guards
  • Primary shaft, chain and sprocket connection for thermal break
  • Drive and discharge end plates to be welded
  • 6″ OD plain tube inlet and tube discharge both with 6″ ANSI flange pattern
  • Inlet, outlet and drain couplings
  • Two (2) couplings for process chamber purge
  • Shafting constructed of 3″ schedule 40 pipe
  • Heavy-duty shaft pipe with flanged journals
  • Flange block bearings for auger support
  • All carbon steel components to be painted with one primer coat and one top coat (S. Howes standard blue)

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