304 stainless steel working parts in product contact areas, Product contact stainless steel surfaces to be 2B finish, Welds in product contact to be continuous and ground to 80 grit min., Welds not in product contact to be intermittent, ground to 80 grit, gaps filled with Devcon, Mild steel surfaces one coat primer & one coat white epoxy, Flanged inlet, Worm type auger to control product in feed, Adjustable tension restricted end sieve frame, One (1) compliment of customer specified nylon sieves, Four blade adjustable paddle assembly, Self-aligning outboard bearing, Bolted and gasketed dust-tight inspection/cleaning doors, 2 H.P., 1800 RPM, TEFC standard duty motor 3/60/230-460V, drive & guard, Direct drive with the motor, reducer and guard with a 2:1 reduction for a paddle speed of approx. 870 RPM, Controls, wiring, stand and installation by customer.