Rubber Mixing & Feeding System

The Process Challenge

A processor of recycled rubber contacted S. Howes to see if it could build a system to automate and improve the quality of its ground rubber.

The Solution

S. Howes designed a system to move the rubber from a self-unloading hopper to a screw conveyor to a batch mixer where liquid was added to the product for more thorough mixing. The material was then mixed and discharged to a horizontal roller conveyor where it was boxed and sent on for further processing.


  • 70 cu. ft. Self-Unloading Hopper
  • 9″ Diameter Inclined Screw Conveyor
  • Model M-244 Ribbon Batch Mixer
  • Liquid Ingredient Addition System
  • 6″ Diameter Horizontal Screw Conveyor
  • Product Weighing System
  • Horizontal Roller Conveyor
  • Inegrated Control Panel

The Result

By automating the system and improving the mixing of the material, the company achieved significant operator savings and was able to produce a higher- quality, more consistent product in less time.

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