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Service & Installation

When your processing equipment needs maintenance, S. Howes is your one-stop-shop for parts, service, and installation. We’ve designed each piece of machinery from the floor up and keep records for every machine manufactured as far back as 1856.

Reliable Service & Operations

Let an S. Howes service technician assist you today with questions regarding the operations of your machine. Our staff have long-standing experience and can supervise service jobs; as well as, provide working technicians on-site to assist with processing equipment service and maintenance.

S. Howes Service & Installation

Customized Service for Your Unique Needs

No one understands your unique processing needs like S. Howes. Our experience in designing & manufacturing industrial processing equipment, mixing, conveying, screening, size reduction & filtration equipment is second to NONE.

We provide custom quotes for maintenance, service, and installation of all our machinery. Please inquire below and we’ll work with you to solve any service, design or installation needs you may have.

S. Howes Service & Installation

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