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Selecting the Right Machinery for Pet Food Production

pet food manufacturing machinery

Post-pandemic, pet ownership in the US has grown by leaps and bounds, with about 66% of American households owning a pet. This rapid growth is likely due to the belief that pets made their owners feel less lonely during lockdown and gave their lives additional meaning.

Consequently, the pet food industry is also on the rise. Sales have increased from 34.5 billion USD to 58.1 billion USD from 2018 to 2022, that’s a staggering 68.4% increase.

If you’re in the pet food industry, you’d know that the right pet food manufacturing equipment is vital for enhanced production. It ensures proper blending, coating, and extrusion for a final product that meets pets’ nutritional needs and owners’ preferences.

Pet Food Production Process

In this era of technology, pet food manufacturing includes several stages. Throughout these stages, various types of machinery are required for high-quality pet food production.


Mixers are essential equipment in pet food production as they are responsible for blending ingredients uniformly to create a consistent and homogeneous mixture. They ensure that all components, such as proteins, grains, and vitamins, are evenly distributed throughout the product.

Spray Coating

A spray coating machine applies a liquid coating to pet food for functional purposes like protection, texture enhancement, visual appeal, extended shelf life, and improved palatability.

Mist coating

Pets love kibbles when they are coated with fats, minerals, flavorings, or other additives since they enhance the food’s taste and nutrition. You can use mist-coating equipment to ensure uniform application. Mist-coating equipment also lets you customize the food flavor to meet various dietary preferences.


Extruders work by heating and pressurizing the ingredients then forcing them through a die to create the desired shape and texture. They are commonly used to produce kibble, treats, and other specialized pet food products that are easy to pack, store, and ship.

Track and Tracing System

The track and tracing system ensures the safety and quality of pet food. This system documents and links every step on the journey of food products, from production and processing all the way to distribution. It allows manufacturers to detect any contamination that may have occurred anywhere between sourcing and packaging and immediately take the contaminated products off the shelves.

Enhance Your Pet Food Production With the Right Equipment

While all processes described here are essential, the most crucial process is mixing. Choosing the right mixing equipment is indispensable for achieving uniformity and consistency of pet food.

When it comes to mixers, S. Howes is a name you can trust. In business since 1856, S.Howes provides quality process equipment built to last a lifetime.

Useful for almost all industries, our Mixall mixer is an economically designed machine capable of providing years of high-efficiency mixing with low-maintenance needs. With models ranging from a working capacity of less than 1 cu.ft. all the way up to 750 cu.ft and beyond, S.Howes can engineer, design, and fabricate a mixer to meet your specific production line requirements.

Fulfill your mixing process needs with either S. Howes’ original double ribbon agitator, an adjustable paddle agitator, or a plow agitator. The S. Howes Double-Ribbon Agitator comes with an original reverse-spiral design. It delivers uniform, high-capacity blending at low power cost.

Our mixers come with the following characteristics:

  • Built to food or dairy standards
  • Leakproof, dustproof design
  • Heavy-Duty construction
  • Uniform product blends
  • Low initial “per ton” cost and low maintenance

Partner with us for your pet food manufacturing equipment needs and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Experts in the design and engineering of processing equipment since 1856
  • Providing solutions tailored to the specific customer needs
  • Commitment to quality, durability, and reliability
  • Rigorous testing and quality control at our own laboratory
  • Exceptional customer service, including installation, training, and ongoing support

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