S. Howes

Conveying and Metal Detecting

The Challenge

A national spice company had experienced an increase in demand for a particular product. The production line in place was a makeshift configuration to temporarily meet the new demands of the product. The spice was manually weighed directly from the mixer into bags. Weight accuracy was an issue as well as the potential for metal particles in the food product. The operation required changing product mixes frequently. Therefore, ease of cleaning the system needed to be considered in the design of the units. The customer asked S. Howes to design and build a complete system to meet their multiple processing requirements.

The Solution

S. Howes proposed a high quality sanitary turnkey system where the user could control all aspects of the process and easily clean the unit for quick turnaround. Emphasis was placed on a design that could be thoroughly cleaned. A portable, inclinable split-tube conveyor and hopper fed an integrated metal detector. A weight scale was attached just below the metal detector to accurately measure the product prior to final packaging. High quality, polished 316 stainless steel was used for all materials.


• Two 6SC10
• Two 6SC13
• Two Metal Detectors
• Four Control Panels
• Two Weigh Scales