S. Howes

Food Powder Conveying System

A manufacturer of food products contacted S. Howes to design a conveying system to move a flour-based product within the space limitations of its Research and Development facility. The older system the company had was inefficient, occupied too much area in the facility and therefore needed to be replaced. S. Howes designed a system to fit the space and achieve desired feed rates by combining a vertical screw conveyor with an inclinable screw conveyor. The testing material was loaded into portable receiving bins which could be wheeled over and connected to a small horizontal screw conveyor. The smaller screw conveyor fed material into a 13 foot vertical screw conveyor before it was either fed into an inclinable screw conveyor for further processing or a removable secondary discharge conveyor for scrap.

S. Howes supplied the company with eight of the portable receiving bins so material could be stored and readily available for testing.

The design of the system and bins improved the convenience, efficiency and flexibility of the testing facility while freeing up valuable floor space occupied by the previous system.