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9U16-JS Heating / Cooling Conveyor

9U16-JS Heating / Cooling Conveyor

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Construction Details
  • Grade 304 stainless steel construction in product and nonproduct contact areas
  • 9” OD auger
  • 3” Pitch flighting, 3/8″ thick
  • Reversed pitch flighting on discharge end
  • Oversized shaft pipe
  • Journals thru-bored to allow cooling fluid flow through shaft (14.9 psig max, non-ASME coded)
  • U-trough housing
  • 16 Feet long inside dimension
  • Welded endplate at inlet end
  • Bolted (removable) endplate at discharge end
Optional Design Features Included
  • Integral jacket for cooling water
  • Covering auger trough between inlet endplate and product discharge spouts
  • Inlet, outlet and drain couplings
  • Flow baffles
  • Designed for 14.9 psig max. (non-ASME coded jacket)
  • Two (2) single flow unions to allow cooling fluid flow through shaft
Finish Details
  • Product contact surface finish, mill finish
  • Exterior stainless surface finish, mill finish
  • Continuous weld on both sides of flighting
  • Product contact welds and jacket welds are continuous and wire brush cleaned to remove slag and discoloration
  • Exterior, non-jacket welds are intermittent, wire brush cleaned
  • All steel components to be painted with one primer coat and one top coat (S. Howes blue)
Standard Components
  • Class II Mechanical drive
  • SEW-Eurodrive gearmotor
  • 2 HP TEFC, 1800 RPM, 3/60/230-460
  • Chain and sprocket drive with guard
  • Auger speed of approximately 12 RPM at 60Hz motor speed (use with VFD suggested to slow down as needed)
Standard Design Features
  • Sectional covers
  • Flat covers, bolted
  • Temperature appropriate gasket
  • Flanged inlet, 8″ ANSI 150# pattern
  • Each cover with one (1) 1″ half coupling and plug for addition of air/gas purge as needed
  • Flanged discharge, 8″ ANSI 150# pattern
  • Support saddles at each end for mounting to customer structure
Optional Components Included
  • Split packing gland seal
  • Graphite packing
  • PTFE ring to accept air/gas purge (purge by others)
  • Flange block bearings for auger support

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